How people learn online

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Learning online is very different from traditional classroom learning. These are some of the differences.

Classroom learning Online learning
Student and teacher meet each other real-time. The teacher often responds to the student later.
Fixed hours. Students can learn any time.
Students live close to school. Students can be anywhere in the world.
The teacher is the expert. The mentor is a guide helping the student to apply knowledge to his life.
Only a few students will ask questions. Many students will ask questions, as they cannot listen in to what others are asking.
Feedback on the learning process comes naturally. Feedback needs more work.
You can teach a lot in one sitting. Content needs to be delivered in smaller pieces (not more than 20 minutes at a time).
Students are a captive audience. Students will quit easily.

Yet other things remain the same.

  • Students need to know what to expect from a course.
  • How students engage with the content is more important than the content itself.
  • It is more important that the teacher / mentor is motivational than that he knows everything.
  • Genuine interest in students will lead to good relationships and great learning.